Speciality Acts

Speciality Acts

Speciality Acts



Forget the ordinary, embrace the extraordinary with Bella Entertainment! We’re the UK’s premier agency for speciality acts, ready to inject your event with jaw-dropping wonder and lasting memories.

Imagine towering stilt walkers weaving through the crowd, their long limbs painting vibrant patterns on the air. Picture a human statue, frozen in time, their intricate body art indistinguishable from living stone. Or witness the impossible, as a contortionist bends and twists their body into human origami, defying the laws of physics with every move and many more unique acts.

Bella Entertainment goes beyond the usual suspects. We offer a kaleidoscope of captivating acts, from the whimsical charm of bubble artists to the heart-stopping thrills of fire breathers. Our cube act will have your guests scratching their heads in amazement, while our hilarious roaming magicians will weave laughter and astonishment into the fabric of your event.

Based in the heart of the UK, we bring our magic to every corner of the nation. Whether it’s a bustling London gala, a cozy village fete, or a corporate launch in Edinburgh, Bella Entertainment delivers the perfect dose of spectacle to make your event unforgettable.



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So ditch the predictable, embrace the unique. Contact Bella Entertainment today and let us craft a bespoke performance that will leave your guests speechless. We’ll turn your event into a talking point, a memory etched in laughter and wonder, all thanks to the extraordinary world of speciality acts.