hire belly dancers in London

hire belly dancers in London

Belly Dancers



Hire our belly dancers for your event in London and the UK

Bella Entertainment has his a team of professional belly dancers to hire ready to entertain your events with a unique style and elegance. Our team is composed of professional dancers with many years of experience. They can perform any kind of dance on request, we have our own dancing choreographers that are able to perform and train our dancers in any kind of music event. We can perform commercials, snake dancer, belly dancing, floating chandelier show, tanoura dance, flash mobs, dances with costumes, capoeira dance, flamenco and many more dances. We can customize and make a special show depending on the theme of your event or wedding or corporate dinner in London and the UK, and all United Arab Emirates. Book today our dancer London and the UK belly dancer for your party, wedding or event in the London and the UK or in the Middle East. Our dancers are all graduate from prestigious dancing schools internationally and they have performed in the largest hotels and venues in the London and the UK. We can customize the show and the customes based on your event theme, also we can provide the sound system and musicians or DJs to play during the show with the dancers. Contact us today for a custom quote to hire our belly dancers for your next wedding, party or event!

Prices starting from £250

Mesmerize Your Guests with Sensational Belly Dancers for Hire in the UK and London – Bella Entertainment Agency


Welcome to Bella Entertainment Agency, your premier destination for adding a touch of exotic elegance and mesmerizing beauty to your events in the UK and London. Are you searching for captivating entertainment that will transport your guests to a world of enchantment and wonder? Look no further! Our agency specializes in providing talented belly dancers who will infuse your event with passion, rhythm, and excitement.


Why Choose Bella Entertainment Agency? Bella Entertainment Agency is committed to providing top-quality entertainment solutions tailored to your specific needs. Here’s why we’re the perfect choice for hiring belly dancers in the UK and London:

  1. Exceptional Talent: Our belly dancers are highly skilled artists with years of experience captivating audiences with their mesmerizing performances and graceful movements. Whether you’re looking for traditional Middle Eastern belly dancers, modern fusion performers, or themed dancers, we have the perfect artists to dazzle your guests.

  2. Versatility: Our belly dancers can tailor their performances to suit any event, from intimate gatherings and weddings to corporate functions and festivals. Whether you’re hosting an indoor or outdoor event, our belly dancers will bring their unique blend of elegance and energy to enhance the atmosphere and create unforgettable memories.

  3. Interactive Entertainment: Belly dancing is not just a visual spectacle – it’s also an interactive experience that engages and delights audiences of all ages. Whether they’re performing on stage, mingling with guests, or teaching a dance workshop, our belly dancers will captivate and entertain your guests from start to finish.

  4. Professionalism: From start to finish, our team is committed to providing exceptional service and ensuring a seamless experience for our clients. Our belly dancers arrive on time, dressed in stunning costumes, and ready to mesmerize your guests with their captivating performances. We handle all the details so you can relax and enjoy your event.


Our Belly Dancing Services: Discover the diverse range of belly dancing services offered by Bella Entertainment Agency:

  1. Weddings: Make your special day even more memorable with a mesmerizing belly dance performance. Whether it’s a traditional wedding or a themed celebration, our belly dancers will create a magical atmosphere and entertain guests of all ages with their graceful movements and infectious energy.

  2. Corporate Events: Add a touch of elegance and excitement to your corporate event with a captivating belly dance performance. Whether you’re hosting a gala dinner, a product launch, or a team-building event, our belly dancers will captivate and engage your guests, leaving a lasting impression on everyone who attends.

  3. Festivals and Cultural Events: Bring the vibrant spirit of the Middle East to your festival or cultural event with a dynamic belly dance performance. Whether it’s a street festival, a cultural celebration, or a themed event, our belly dancers will add authenticity and excitement to the festivities, drawing crowds and creating a buzz.

  4. Private Parties: Whether it’s a birthday bash, an anniversary celebration, or a girls’ night out, our belly dancers will add a touch of exotic flair to your private party. With their stunning costumes and captivating performances, our belly dancers will create an unforgettable experience for you and your guests.


Why Hire Belly Dancers for Your Event? Belly dancers add a unique and unforgettable element of entertainment to any event. Here are just a few reasons why hiring belly dancers is a smart choice:

  1. Sensual and Elegant: Belly dancing is a sensual and elegant art form that captivates audiences with its graceful movements, intricate choreography, and stunning costumes. Whether they’re performing solo or in a group, belly dancers exude beauty, grace, and charm that will mesmerize your guests.

  2. Cultural Diversity: Belly dancing is a rich and diverse art form that reflects the cultural traditions of the Middle East and beyond. Hiring belly dancers for your event not only provides entertainment but also celebrates cultural diversity and promotes understanding and appreciation of different traditions.

  3. Audience Engagement: Belly dancing is an interactive and engaging form of entertainment that encourages audience participation and involvement. Whether they’re clapping along to the rhythm, cheering for the performers, or even joining in the dance, guests of all ages will be enchanted and entertained by the mesmerizing spectacle of belly dancing.

  4. Versatility: Belly dancing is suitable for a wide range of events and occasions, from weddings and corporate functions to festivals and private parties. Whether you’re hosting a formal gala or a casual gathering, belly dancers can adapt their performances to suit the vibe and atmosphere of your event, creating a memorable experience for everyone involved.


Areas We Serve: Bella Entertainment Agency proudly serves clients across the UK, including the following cities and regions:

  • London
  • Manchester
  • Birmingham
  • Liverpool
  • Leeds
  • Glasgow
  • Bristol
  • Edinburgh
  • Newcastle
  • Cardiff


Contact Us: Ready to add a touch of exotic elegance to your event with our sensational belly dancers? Contact Bella Entertainment Agency today to discuss your requirements and book your performers. Let us help you create an unforgettable entertainment experience that will transport your guests to a world of enchantment and wonder.

Elevate your event to new heights with Bella Entertainment Agency’s talented belly dancers for hire in the UK and London. With our exceptional talent, versatility, and commitment to professionalism, we’re here to help you create an unforgettable entertainment experience that will dazzle your guests and leave a lasting impression. Contact us today and let us bring the magic of belly dancing to your event!