hire violinist in Paris

hire violinist in Paris

February 27, 2024

Hire a Violinist in Paris and France

hire violinist in Paris

Paris, the city of love and lights, is renowned for its rich cultural heritage, particularly in the realm of music. Whether you’re planning a corporate event, a private party, or a wedding, hiring a violinist in Paris can add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your occasion. As an entertainment company based in London and the UK, we are well-equipped to serve clients across Europe, including Paris. In this article, we will guide you through the process of hiring a violinist in Paris, providing valuable insights and practical tips.

Why Hire a Violinist in Paris?

Before delving into the how, let’s first explore the why. Here are some compelling reasons to hire a violinist for your event in Paris:

  • Atmosphere: The melodious strains of a violin can create an enchanting atmosphere, setting the perfect mood for your event.
  • Versatility: From classical to jazz, pop to folk, a skilled violinist can play a wide range of music genres, catering to diverse musical tastes.
  • Personalisation: A violinist can tailor their performance to your specific needs, making your event truly unique and memorable.

How to Hire a Violinist in Paris

Now that we’ve established the why, let’s move on to the how. Here are some steps to guide you through the process:

  • Define Your Needs: Consider the type of event, the number of guests, the venue, and the kind of music you want. This will help you determine the kind of violinist you need.
  • Research: Look for violinists who specialise in the genre of music you want. Check their reviews, watch their performances, and compare their rates.
  • Contact: Once you’ve shortlisted a few violinists, reach out to them. Discuss your needs, ask about their availability, and request a quote.
  • Book: After you’ve made your choice, book the violinist. Make sure to confirm all the details, including the date, time, venue, and payment terms.

A Successful Corporate Event in Paris

To illustrate the impact a violinist can have on an event, let’s look at a case study. A multinational corporation hired a violinist for their annual gala in Paris. The violinist played a mix of classical and contemporary pieces, creating a sophisticated yet lively atmosphere. The guests were captivated by the performance, and the event was hailed as a resounding success. The corporation reported a significant increase in employee morale and client satisfaction, demonstrating the power of music in enhancing an event.

The Impact of Live Music on Events

According to a survey by Eventbrite, 78% of event-goers say that music is the most memorable part of an event. Furthermore, 65% of corporate event attendees say that live music makes an event more enjoyable. These statistics underscore the value of hiring a violinist for your event in Paris.


Hiring a violinist in Paris can transform your event, creating an unforgettable experience for your guests. From defining your needs to booking the violinist, the process requires careful planning and consideration. However, the end result – a captivating performance that resonates with your guests – is well worth the effort. As an entertainment company with a wide reach across Europe, we are here to help you navigate this process. Contact us on our website for more information and a quote. Let us help you make your event in Paris a resounding success.


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