Hire Our Ancient Greek Priestesses

November 8, 2023

Experience the Magic of Ancient Greece with Our Priestesses

Step into a world of elegance and enchantment as our priestesses transport you back to ancient Greece. With costumes rooted in history, they offer a warm and captivating welcome to any event.

Immerse yourself in the majesty of the past as our priestesses mingle with guests, their historically inspired attire creating an atmosphere of grandeur. Watch as they perform mesmerizing choreographies that will leave you in awe.

Tailored to suit your event, our priestesses can perform a ceremonial lighting of the Olympic flame, lead a procession, or engage in other ancient rituals. Each act is designed to add a touch of authenticity and wonder to your celebration.

Whether you’re hosting a cultural festival or a special event, our priestesses are a versatile addition. They can provide walkabout entertainment, engaging with guests and creating an unforgettable experience. Alternatively, they can put on a show that will transport you to the ancient world.

Based in Athens, our Ancient Greek Priestess mix and mingle characters are available to bring the magic of ancient Greece to events and celebrations worldwide. Don’t miss the opportunity to add a touch of history and enchantment to your next gathering.

Aspects Description
Costumes Rooted in ancient Greek history
Performance Mix and mingle with guests or perform short choreographies
Customization Tailored to complement different events, including ceremonial lighting, processions, and rituals
Versatility Offer walkabout entertainment or shows, perfect for cultural festivals and events
Availability Based in Athens, available for events and celebrations worldwide


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