Hire Katie Piper | Bella Entertainment

Hire Katie Piper | Bella Entertainment

November 9, 2023

Get ready to be inspired by the incredible Katie Piper! She’s not just a popular inspirational speaker, but also a well-known television presenter, charity campaigner, and best-selling international author. You may have seen her amazing story in the film “Katie: My Beautiful Face” on Channel 4, which was watched by over 3.5 million viewers and even nominated for Best Single Documentary at the BAFTA Television Awards in 2010.

But Katie’s impact goes beyond the screen. She founded ‘The Katie Piper Foundation’ over a decade ago, a charity dedicated to helping individuals with scars and burns reconnect with their communities. Their vision is to create a world where a person’s scars don’t limit their well-being or social inclusion. With the support of famous celebrities like Simon Cowell, who is a patron of the foundation, Katie has made a significant difference. In fact, the charity recently achieved its goal of opening a rehabilitation center in the UK, offering innovative treatments to burn survivors.

Not only does Katie dedicate herself to her charity work, but she also makes regular appearances on television and radio. You can catch her as a popular panellist on ITV1’s Loose Women, a regular presenter on BBC Radio 2’s Early Morning Breakfast Show and the Michael Ball Show on Sunday mornings.

Katie’s TV credits are impressive too. She has been part of shows like ‘The Death of Aimee Spencer’ on ITV1’s Crime and Punishment strand, Channel 4’s ‘Famous and Fighting Crime’ where she trained in the police force, ‘Never Seen a Doctor’ on C4 where she helped people overcome their fears around medical procedures, and ‘Katie Piper’s Face to Face’ where she invited women with facial conditions for makeovers at London’s Harvey Nichols. She has also hosted several series of C4’s ‘Body Shockers’, where she introduced people planning major body modifications to those who regretted it.

But Katie’s influence extends beyond the screen and airwaves. She is a sought-after public speaker, captivating large audiences at events like WE Day, Women’s Health Live, and the Cosmopolitan Self Made Summit. Major clients like Google, Facebook, and The NHS have also had the privilege of hearing her inspiring story. Her keynote speeches cover themes of motivation, inspiration, overcoming adversity, and maintaining a positive mindset.

And let’s not forget her impressive writing career. Katie is a best-selling author with a collection of books under her belt. From autobiographies like ‘Beautiful’ and ‘Beautiful Ever After’ to self-help books like ‘Things Get Better’ and ‘Confidence: The Secret’, she has touched the lives of many. She even co-wrote a book with her Mum called ‘Things I’d Tell My Child’.

  • Overcoming Adversity
  • Positive Mindset


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