Hire Event Mural Artist Seattle

November 8, 2023

Discover the Reasons to Book

Are you ready to experience the incredible talent of our muralist, artist, and designer? With almost a decade of artistic expertise, she is a master at creating bold and captivating artwork that will leave you in awe.

In 2020, her mesmerizing mural work caught the attention of numerous publications, including the prestigious New York Times and Chatwin Books. Her talent knows no bounds!

Versatility is her middle name. Our event artist can effortlessly adapt to different event briefs, ensuring that the artwork perfectly complements the occasion. From elegant and sophisticated to vibrant and energetic, she can do it all.

Looking for a personalized touch? Our graffiti artist is more than happy to incorporate your suggested themes, logo, or message into the artwork. The result? A stunning and unique piece of art that speaks directly to you.

Located in the vibrant city of Seattle, our artist is ready to bring her impressive works of art to various locations throughout Washington State. Don’t miss the opportunity to witness her creativity firsthand!

Reasons To Book
Expert at creating bold artwork
Featured in publications like the New York Times and Chatwin Books
Adaptable to different event briefs
Can incorporate suggested themes, logos, or messages
Available throughout Washington State


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