Hire Female Wedding Harpists in The UK and London

Hire Female Wedding Harpists in The UK and London

Female Wedding Harpists in The UK and London

Female Wedding Harpists

Heavenly Harmonies: Premier Female Wedding Harpists for Hire in the UK and London

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Welcome to Bella Entertainment Agency, where your dream wedding is accompanied by the divine music of the harp. We specialize in providing exceptional female wedding harpists for hire in major UK cities including London, Manchester, Birmingham, Edinburgh, and Cardiff. Our talented musicians bring elegance and a timeless charm to every wedding, ensuring that your special day is as enchanting and memorable as you’ve always imagined.


Why Choose a Female Wedding Harpist from Bella Entertainment Agency?


Unparalleled Elegance

The harp is synonymous with grace and beauty, making it the perfect complement to the romantic atmosphere of your wedding. Our female wedding harpists are not just musicians; they are seasoned performers who bring a level of sophistication and finesse to each event, ensuring that your wedding ambiance is elevated.

Personalized Musical Experience

We understand that every wedding is unique. That’s why our service is highly personalized. Our harpists work closely with you to craft a musical repertoire that reflects your personal style and the theme of your wedding. From classical compositions to contemporary love songs, our harpists can adapt their playlist to suit your specific preferences.

Extensive Experience

Our female wedding harpists are chosen for their professional expertise and their extensive performance backgrounds. Having played at numerous weddings across the UK, they possess the experience to perform flawlessly in any setting, be it a quaint countryside chapel or a grand metropolitan ballroom.


Our Services


Coverage Across Major UK Cities

Bella Entertainment Agency provides wedding harpist services across the UK, ensuring that no matter where your wedding is located, you can have the perfect harp music. Our key service areas include:

London: Immerse your guests in the sophisticated sounds of the harp, set against the backdrop of this vibrant capital.

Manchester: Allow the harp’s melodies to mingle with Manchester’s rich cultural tapestry.

Birmingham: A touch of harp music adds a classic elegance to any Birmingham wedding venue.

Edinburgh: Enhance the historic charm of your Edinburgh wedding with the sweet sounds of the harp.

Cardiff: Let the harp’s resonance bring a lyrical beauty to your Cardiff celebration.


Easy Booking Process

Booking a female wedding harpist with Bella Entertainment Agency is a straightforward and stress-free process:

Initial Consultation: Contact us to share the details of your wedding day and your musical preferences.

Select Your Harpist: We provide profiles and sample performances of our harpists, helping you choose the perfect match for your day.

Personalize Your Playlist: Collaborate with your selected harpist to finalize the musical selections for your ceremony and reception.

Enjoy the Harmony: On your wedding day, our harpist will deliver a breathtaking performance that complements the joy and beauty of your celebration.


Why Bella Entertainment Agency?


Quality and Professionalism

At Bella Entertainment Agency, quality and professionalism are at the heart of everything we do. Our female wedding harpists are not only talented musicians but also consummate professionals who understand the importance of your special day.

Diverse Musical Selections

Our harpists’ repertoires include a wide range of genres and styles, ensuring that we can accommodate almost any musical request. Whether you desire the traditional “Canon in D” or a more modern tune, our harpists can provide a performance that is both skilled and emotionally resonant.

Dedicated Support

From the moment you contact us until the last note fades on your wedding day, Bella Entertainment Agency provides dedicated support and comprehensive service. We handle all the details, allowing you to focus on enjoying your wedding day.



Your wedding deserves a soundtrack that reflects its beauty and emotion. With Bella Entertainment Agency, hiring a female wedding harpist in the UK and London guarantees a musical experience that is as magical as your love story. Contact us today to discover how our harpists can add a layer of romantic sophistication to your wedding day. Experience the harmonious celebration that awaits with Bella Entertainment Agency, where your wedding music is lifted to heavenly heights.