Hire Female Wedding Guitarists in The UK and London

Hire Female Wedding Guitarists in The UK and London

Female Wedding Guitarists in The UK and London

Female Wedding Guitarists

Elevate Your Special Day: Hire Top Female Wedding Guitarists in the UK and London

Guitarist No 1

Guitarist No 2

Multi-talented performer: vocalist, songwriter, performer and musician.

Her musical talents cross over many genres - Americana, early jazz, swing, rock ‘n’ roll, and soul. Her rich and quirky vocal delivery, possessed of a vibrant and positive personality, shows off her wide range of vocal influences and styles, including those of Patsy Cline, Judy Garland, Dolly Parton, Etta James, Elvis, Jerry Lee Lewis and Ute Lemper.

Celebrate your love with the enchanting sound of guitar music performed by the finest female wedding guitarists in the UK. At Bella Entertainment Agency, we specialize in providing exceptional musical talents for weddings in London, Manchester, Birmingham, Edinburgh, Cardiff, and across the UK. Our professional female guitarists add a touch of elegance and romance to your wedding day, ensuring an unforgettable experience for you and your guests.


Why Choose Female Wedding Guitarists from Bella Entertainment Agency?


Unmatched Talent and Versatility

Our female wedding guitarists are among the most talented and versatile musicians in the industry. With extensive repertoires that include classical guitar pieces, modern pop, jazz, blues, and folk, they can adapt their performances to perfectly match the theme and atmosphere of your wedding. Whether you desire a serene backdrop during your ceremony or lively tunes to dance to at your reception, our guitarists are equipped to provide the perfect musical setting.

Personalized Music Experience

Understanding that each wedding is unique, we offer personalized music services tailored to your individual preferences. Our guitarists work closely with you to create a customized playlist that reflects your personal taste and enhances the overall ambiance of your celebration. From the processional to the first dance, every note played will resonate with your love story.

Professional and Reliable Service

At Bella Entertainment Agency, professionalism and reliability are at the core of our services. Our female wedding guitarists are not only skilled musicians but also punctual and highly professional in their conduct. We ensure that every aspect of the music for your wedding day is managed flawlessly, allowing you to focus on enjoying your special moment without any stress.


Services We Offer


Comprehensive UK Coverage

Bella Entertainment Agency is proud to offer wedding guitarist services across major UK cities. No matter where your wedding takes place, our talented guitarists are available to provide beautiful music. Our primary service areas include:

London: Experience the sophisticated charm of our guitarists in the vibrant capital.

Manchester: Let the rich musical heritage of Manchester enhance your wedding with exceptional guitar tunes.

Birmingham: In the bustling atmosphere of Birmingham, our guitarists add a melodious touch to your celebrations.

Edinburgh: The romantic city of Edinburgh is the perfect backdrop for the soulful strumming of our talented guitarists.

Cardiff: Enjoy the lyrical sounds of the guitar in the lively cultural setting of Cardiff.


Flexible Performance Options

Our female wedding guitarists are available for solo performances, duos, or as part of a larger ensemble. Depending on your venue size and the nature of your event, we can accommodate various performance setups to suit your needs.


Seamless Booking Process

Initial Consultation: Reach out to us with details of your wedding day, including date, venue, and musical preferences.

Selection of Guitarist: We provide profiles and sound samples of our guitarists, helping you choose the perfect match for your day.

Personalization of Playlist: Collaborate with your chosen guitarist to tailor the music selection for your ceremony and reception.

Event Coordination: We handle all logistics to ensure that the musician setup and performance go smoothly on your wedding day.

Performance Day: Sit back and enjoy the mesmerizing guitar performances that will make your wedding truly memorable.


Why Bella Entertainment Agency?


Expertise in Wedding Entertainment

With years of experience in the entertainment industry, Bella Entertainment Agency has developed a deep understanding of what makes wedding music truly special. We are committed to providing high-quality performances that meet the unique needs of each couple.

Customer-Focused Approach

Our dedication to customer satisfaction means we go the extra mile to ensure that every detail of the musical entertainment at your wedding is perfect. Our team is attentive, responsive, and ready to assist with any inquiries or special requests you might have.

Competitive Pricing

We offer transparent and competitive pricing tailored to accommodate various budgets without compromising on the quality of our services. With Bella Entertainment Agency, you can expect no hidden fees, just straightforward, honest pricing.



Make your wedding day unforgettable with the beautiful sounds of a guitar performed by the UK’s top female wedding guitarists. Bella Entertainment Agency is your trusted partner in creating a magical musical atmosphere for your celebration. Covering London, Manchester, Birmingham, Edinburgh, Cardiff, and more, we are here to ensure that the music at your wedding is nothing less than perfect. Contact us today to discuss your wedding needs and let us help you find the ideal guitarist to celebrate your love story.