Hire Face Painter in The UK and London

Hire Face Painter in The UK and London

Face Painter in The UK and London

Face Painter

Bella Entertainment Agency: Hire Expert Face Painters in the UK and London


Add a splash of color and creativity to your next event with Bella Entertainment Agency, the leading provider of professional face painting services across the UK, including London, Manchester, Birmingham, and Edinburgh. Our talented face painters bring joy and artistic flair to every occasion, making it memorable for guests of all ages.


Why Choose Bella Entertainment Agency?


Unparalleled Professionalism

At Bella Entertainment Agency, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional service. Our face painters are not only artists but also professionals who understand the importance of customer satisfaction and event dynamics.

Diverse Artistic Talent

Our team of face painters comes from a variety of artistic backgrounds, enabling us to offer a wide range of styles and designs, from classic superhero motifs to intricate floral patterns and bespoke requests.

Nationwide Availability

With a network of artists across major UK cities, we ensure that no matter where your event is held—from the bustling streets of London to the historic backdrops of Edinburgh—you have access to top-quality face painting services.


Our Services


Comprehensive Face Painting for All Events

Children’s Parties: Transform little guests into their favorite characters, from fierce tigers to fantastical fairies.

Corporate Events: Provide a family-friendly entertainment option at company picnics, open days, and marketing events.

Weddings: Keep younger guests delighted and engaged during receptions and celebrations.

Community and Cultural Festivals: Enrich public gatherings with vibrant face painting booths that appeal to all ages.

Customized Designs

We cater to a broad spectrum of themes and preferences, ensuring that our face painting aligns perfectly with your event’s theme. Our artists can adapt their techniques and designs to suit any specific request or event style.

Hygienic Practices

Our commitment to safety and hygiene means using only the highest quality, hypoallergenic face paints and materials, which are safe for all skin types, including sensitive skin. All equipment is sanitized before and after each event.


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The Impact of Face Painting at Your Event

Face painting is an art form that does more than just entertain. It:

Boosts Engagement: Keeps guests, especially children, engaged and entertained.

Enhances Atmosphere: Adds a whimsical or thematic element to your event’s atmosphere.

Encourages Creativity: Allows guests to express themselves through their chosen designs.

Creates Memories: Provides a memorable experience that guests will remember and talk about long after the event.


What Sets Us Apart?


Experienced Artists

Our face painters are skilled artists with years of experience in events of all sizes. Their expertise not only in art but in engaging with children and guests ensures a smooth, enjoyable experience.

Fast and Efficient Service

Understanding the dynamics of busy events, our face painters are trained to deliver beautiful designs quickly and efficiently, minimizing waiting times and maximizing guest satisfaction.

Full Compliance and Insurance

Bella Entertainment Agency is fully insured and compliant with all UK health and safety regulations, giving you peace of mind when you hire our services.



Our satisfied clients are our greatest advocates. Here’s what they have to say: (Insert testimonials from clients detailing their positive experiences with our face painters, highlighting the joy and satisfaction brought to their events.)


Contact Us

Are you ready to bring the vibrant art of face painting to your next event in the UK or London? Contact Bella Entertainment Agency today. Visit our website, call us, or send us an email to discuss your needs and book one of our talented face painters.