Book A Light Painting Photobooth UK

November 8, 2023

Experience the Magic of Light Painting

Looking for a unique and interactive addition to your next event? Look no further than our light-painting booth! This innovative twist on the traditional photo booth is guaranteed to be a massive hit with your guests.

Step into our blackout room and prepare to be amazed. Our camera captures a long exposure picture while our talented team uses light painting tools to create mesmerizing effects. Watch as your guests become part of a stunning work of art!

But the fun doesn’t stop there. Our light-painting booth is highly shareable on social media, ensuring that your event will be the talk of the town. And with our professional DSLR camera, the quality of the images is second to none. Guests can easily share their photos over Wi-Fi or have them printed out on site for a tangible keepsake.

We understand the importance of branding, which is why our light effects can be fully customized to match your brand colors. Add filters and effects to enhance the photos, and even include your logo on the frame for that extra touch of personalization.

Based in the vibrant city of London, our light painting photo booth is available for a wide range of events. Whether you’re hosting a party, activation, corporate function, or themed gala, our booth is guaranteed to add a touch of magic to any occasion.

Reasons To Book
An unusual and highly interactive take on the traditional photo booth
Guests are in a blackout room where the camera takes a long exposure picture and our team uses light painting tools to create cool effects
Highly shareable on social media and shot using a professional DSLR camera, images can be shared over Wi-Fi or printed out on site
Fully customizable, light effects can be matched to your brand colors and photos can include filters and effects, plus your logo on the frame
Based in London, our light painting photo booth is available for parties, activations, corporate and themed events, and galas


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