Hire Talking Robot Fridge | Bella Entertainment

Hire Talking Robot Fridge | Bella Entertainment

November 10, 2023

Reasons To Book

⁢ Looking for a⁤ unique way to promote‍ your company?‌ Look no​ further!​ Our robot fridge is here to make a lasting impression. ‍It moves around venues,‍ presenting your​ product or offering ‌refreshments. And the best part? It’s fully brandable, ​so‌ you can showcase your company logo ⁣and colors.
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‌⁢ ‌ ‍ Trade⁤ fairs, congresses, and other⁢ events can sometimes be dull. But not when you have our mobile talking refrigerator! It adds a fun and interactive element to any event,‌ creating footfall and attracting attention. ⁤Your guests⁣ won’t be able to ⁣resist coming over to see what all the buzz​ is ‍about.

​ ⁤ Want ⁣to engage ⁣and entertain your guests? Our talking fridge is the perfect solution. Operated⁤ via a remote control, it ⁢can⁤ drive around and strike up conversations with anyone it meets. Imagine the laughter and excitement it will bring‍ to‍ your‌ event!

‍No matter ‍the audience, our talking fridge is ‌sure​ to captivate. It⁣ offers⁢ a fully interactive conversational experience that​ your ⁣guests will remember long after the⁣ event is ⁣over. Whether you’re targeting young professionals ‌or seasoned ⁤executives, this unique attraction will⁣ leave ⁢a lasting impression.
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⁤ Based in ​Berlin, our fully ⁢mobile, talking robot and functioning fridge is available for⁤ hire‍ throughout Germany and​ Europe. So no matter where your event is taking ​place, we can bring the fun and ‍excitement right to your doorstep.

1. Fully brandable
2.⁣ Adds fun⁢ and‌ interactive⁢ element to events
3. Engages and entertains guests
4. ‌Appeals ‌to various audience demographics
5. Available⁤ for hire throughout Germany and Europe


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