Hire Showgirl Champagne Dress NYC

Hire Showgirl Champagne Dress NYC

November 12, 2023

Experience the epitome of luxury catering with our ‌mesmerizing strolling floral‍ champagne dress act. This⁤ innovative act is‍ designed‌ to elegantly serve individual flutes of​ bubbly to ⁣delighted event guests.

Adorned in meticulously handcrafted florals and ‍an impressive costume structure made entirely of individual ⁢champagne flutes, our sensational ⁤Champagne Dress​ act ⁣is ​a go-to favorite for high-end events.

With versatile entertainment hire ​options that ‍include quality custom branding and a delicious ​range of beverage choices, our ⁤experienced living table performers bring natural vibrance to events‌ across New York City and the East Coast.

Prepare⁤ to be captivated as our Champagne Dress act inspires guests to⁣ take selfies ⁢with our brilliantly ‘Instagrammable’‌ star⁢ act. This elegant and visually stunning act is suitable for events of ‌all sizes. Along with providing sophisticated⁢ catering, our custom-produced roaming acts offer attractive visual entertainment.

Watch as guests light up with anticipation upon spotting our performers gliding into the ⁤room, adorned in florals and champagne flutes. The Champagne Dress act is the perfect meet and greet⁢ act​ to create a high-end ambiance, making it​ the bespoke answer to every event brief.


Does the venue need special flooring to accommodate this act?

All of our champagne dress hire acts require even surfaces to move around on. They travel upon small wheels at the⁣ base of the costume and‌ need ​to be able⁣ to roll smoothly ​around the room. They‍ cannot ​perform ​within a sloped or stepped space, for ⁢example.

How quickly can the ‌act⁣ be ‌ready to‍ perform‍ once they⁢ have​ arrived?

We need adequate time⁤ to load each dress with the flutes of champagne.⁢ We request at least two hours of preparation period to allow⁤ sufficient⁣ time to ensure ⁣every glass is secured and our artist is ready ‌and dressed⁤ to impress!

Can‍ I add our event brand or client logo to‌ the act​ costume?

Yes, this is‍ definitely‍ a possibility. ⁢Our Custom ​Creations team will discuss the various options⁢ further with you when you ⁢make ⁤your entertainment hire booking.

Anything else I need to‌ consider⁢ before‌ booking this act?

Yes – doorways! Often, the actual width of the venue entrance is overlooked. Once‌ assembled, our champagne dresses are both wide‍ and rigid in shape. Therefore, the room where our artist will be getting ready will need to connect to the performance space with a​ wide enough doorway to allow them to enter and exit easily.

Aspect Description
Act Description Experience the epitome‍ of luxury catering with our​ mesmerizing ⁣strolling ​floral champagne ​dress act. This innovative act⁤ is designed to elegantly serve individual flutes of bubbly to delighted event ‌guests.
Custom Branding Our⁤ versatile entertainment hire options include quality custom branding,⁢ allowing⁤ you⁣ to add⁢ your event brand or client logo to⁢ the ‍act costume.
Entertainment Options Our custom-produced ⁢roaming acts provide attractive⁢ visual entertainment along with sophisticated catering provision, offering a vibrant array of entertainment hire solutions.
Preparation ‌Time We ‍request ⁢at least two⁣ hours‍ of ⁢preparation period to ensure every​ glass is secured and our ⁤artist ​is ready and dressed to impress!
Venue Requirements All of our champagne dress hire acts ‍require even surfaces to ⁣move around on. They cannot perform within​ a‌ sloped or stepped‌ space. Additionally, the room ‌where our artist will be getting ready needs ⁢to⁣ have a wide enough doorway to allow easy entry ‍and exit.


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