Hire Our Walkabout Mirror LED Characters

Hire Our Walkabout Mirror LED Characters

November 10, 2023

Reasons To Book

⁣ ⁣ Our mysterious walkabout characters are dressed head to toe ‌in sparkling mirror costumes‍ that reflect event lighting for a stunning ⁤visual effect. Get ready​ to be mesmerized!

‍ Boasting a unique look, guests will love taking pictures with these avant-garde​ light-reflecting performers, capturing unforgettable moments to share on social media. Prepare for the ⁤ultimate selfie experience!

Up to four characters are available with props including fans and‌ light poi, adding an extra level of excitement to their mesmerizing performance. Prepare to be amazed!

They have previously wowed audiences at various events and festivals worldwide,⁢ including the prestigious Dubai Shopping Festival, the adrenaline-pumping F1 Singapore GP, and the vibrant B-fit in the ⁢streets festival. Now, they are ready to bring their magic to your event!

Based⁤ in Bratislava, Slovakia, our mirrored roaming characters are available to dazzle audiences ‌at events worldwide.​ Don’t miss out ​on this extraordinary experience!
⁣ ‍

Aspect Description
Visual Effect The sparkling ⁤mirror costumes reflect event lighting, creating a stunning visual effect.
Unique Look The ‍avant-garde light-reflecting performers have a distinctive appearance that guests will⁢ love.
Props Up to four characters are available⁣ with props⁣ such as fans and light poi, enhancing their performance.
Previous Performances They have performed at renowned events and festivals​ worldwide, including Dubai Shopping Festival, F1 Singapore GP, and B-fit in the streets.
Availability Based in Bratislava, Slovakia, these mirrored roaming characters are ready⁢ to bring their magic to events worldwide.


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