Hire Our Spanish Classical Soprano

Hire Our Spanish Classical Soprano

November 8, 2023

Reasons To Book

Looking for a singer with a diverse repertoire? Look no further! Our talented vocalist can perform in many styles and languages, including pieces by renowned composers like Mozart and Britten, as well as German and French Opera.

But that’s not all! She can also offer classical shows inspired by Spanish music. Imagine the enchanting sounds of Zarzuela, Tango, and many other Spanish styles, all performed with the mesmerizing accompaniment of castanets.

Prepare to be captivated! Her sets are carefully crafted to present the operatic world in all its forms, with enjoyable melodies that will resonate with audiences of all demographics.

Experience matters, and our opera vocalist has plenty of it. She has graced the stages of theaters across the globe, wowed audiences at corporate events, and even performed onboard luxurious cruise ships.

Don’t miss out on this extraordinary talent. While she is based in North Spain, she is available to perform worldwide for weddings, corporate events, gala dinners, and residencies.

Repertoire Styles Composers
Diverse Many styles and languages Mozart, Britten, German and French Opera
Classical Shows Inspired by Spanish music Styles
Enchanting Zarzuela, Tango, and more Performed with castanets
Sets Operatic world Melodies
Captivating All forms Enjoyable and captivating
Experience Performances Locations
Extensive Theaters, corporate events, cruise ships Global
Availability Location Events
Worldwide Based in North Spain Weddings, corporate events, gala dinners, residencies


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