Hire Our Hip Hop Contortion Duo Milan

November 8, 2023

Reasons To Book

Are you ready to be amazed? Look no further than our incredible hip-hop contortion duo. They will blow your mind with their impressive balances and unbelievable body bends, all choreographed into stunning routines that will leave you captivated.

Prepare to be wowed by their innovative, elegant, and impactful show. They seamlessly fuse break dancing, contortion, hand balancing, and acrobatics with contemporary hip-hop music, creating a performance like no other.

Looking to add that extra wow factor to your corporate event, festival, or party? Our duo is the perfect choice. They take captivating cirque routines to a whole new level, all set to a modern soundtrack that will have everyone on their feet.

Not only are they incredibly talented, but they are also incredibly versatile. They can adapt to any event theme, color scheme, or vision with their range of elegant costumes. Your event will be truly unique and unforgettable.

Based in Milan, our duo is ready to take their mesmerizing performance worldwide. No matter where your event is, they are available to bring their talent and energy to audiences around the globe.

Aspects Description
Impressive Balances Our hip-hop contortion duo showcases mind-blowing balances that will leave you in awe.
Unbelievable Body Bends Prepare to be amazed by the duo’s ability to bend their bodies in ways you never thought possible.
Stunning Choreographies Experience captivating routines that are meticulously choreographed to perfection.
Innovative and Elegant Show Witness a show that combines break dancing, contortion, hand balancing, and acrobatics with contemporary hip-hop music.
Perfect for Events Our duo is the ideal choice for corporate events, festivals, and parties, adding a modern and captivating touch to any occasion.
Adaptable Costumes Choose from a variety of elegant costumes that can be tailored to match your event theme, color scheme, or vision.
Versatile Performance Duo Based in Milan, they are available for events throughout Italy and worldwide, bringing their mesmerizing talent to audiences everywhere.


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