Hire our Colourful Birds Stilt Acts

November 14, 2023

Why You Should Book Our Act

‌⁣ Imagine the delight of your guests as they are greeted ​by our graceful bird-themed stilt performers. Gliding effortlessly around your venue, they are sure to make a grand impression. ​
‍ ‍

‌ These captivating⁢ roaming characters are not just⁢ a sight to behold, they love ⁣to dance ⁢and ⁣interact with the ‌audience, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

​ Dressed‍ in ⁢vibrant, colourful costumes and makeup, our⁢ exotic walkabout performers are more than just entertainers. They are ‍dynamic, humorous, and photogenic, always ready to strike‌ a⁢ pose for a⁢ memorable snapshot.

⁣ Our act is⁤ not just a performance,⁤ it’s an experience. With exotic creatures in tow, we strike a thrilling balance between ⁢visual ​theatre and audience interaction, ensuring a warm and unique welcome for your guests.
​ ‌ ​

Based in the Netherlands, our mobile walkabout act is perfect for a variety of​ events. Whether it’s a festival, corporate event,⁤ dance event, or simply greeting guests, we bring a touch of the ‍exotic⁣ and a lot of fun.


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