Hire Our Celestial Stilt Walkers

November 9, 2023

Reasons To Book

Prepare to be mesmerized by our stunning stilt duo, adorned in captivating sun- and moon-inspired costumes that radiate an otherworldly glow, courtesy of their built-in LEDs.

Standing tall above the crowd, these enigmatic LED characters create extraordinary photo opportunities that will be cherished and shared online, ensuring your event lives on in the memories of all who attend.

Whether you’re hosting a fantasy-themed extravaganza or a space-inspired soirée, our roaming stilt walkers are the perfect addition, infusing every celebration with a touch of wonder and magic.

Our mix and mingle characters have delighted clients such as Sonix Garden, Party POD, Karoo, Summer Camp Festival, Zsa Zsa Cape Town, and Ludus Magnus, leaving a trail of satisfied customers in their wake.

Based in the vibrant city of Cape Town, our walkabout characters are ready to welcome your guests upon arrival and engage with them throughout the night, no matter where your event takes place in the world.

Aspect Description
Costumes Sun- and moon-inspired costumes with built-in LEDs
Photo Opportunities Creates fantastic photo opportunities for lasting memories
Theme Suitability Perfect for fantasy or space-themed events
Previous Clients Sonix Garden, Party POD, Karoo, Summer Camp Festival, Zsa Zsa Cape Town, Ludus Magnus
Availability Based in Cape Town, available for events worldwide


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