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November 15, 2023

Meet Maureen Langan, an international standup comedian and award-winning broadcaster who has graced the Broadway stage and shared the spotlight with entertainment legends like Gladys Knight, Steven Wright, Robin Williams, and Joy Behar, ​among others.

Her unique blend ‍of ​observational humour, quick wit, and candid rants about everyday life ⁢have endeared her to ⁣audiences of all ages, leading to sold-out shows across the⁣ UK, USA, and Canada. You might also recognize​ Maureen from her numerous TV appearances on ​networks like ⁣HBO and CBS, and shows such⁤ as Comics Unleashed and Gotham ⁤Live. She’s also ‍a talented documentary producer, bagging two Cable Ace Awards for her work at PBS.

Maureen’s creativity extends to hosting and ⁤creating hit shows, ‍including award-winning⁣ programs ‍for Bloomberg Television⁣ and Radio. Her audacious observations and daring interview‍ style earned her the “Best ​Female ‍Commentator” title from the Newswomen’s Club of New York.

But Maureen’s talents don’t ⁤stop ‌there. She’s​ also‌ a‌ sought-after event host and speaker.‍ Her TEDxTalk,‌ which delves into topics like⁣ diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace and personal life, offers thought-provoking insights drawn from her global experiences.

  • American Standard
  • Web MD
  • OCRA (Ovarian Cancer Research ⁤Alliance)
  • Microsoft
  • Ability Path
  • Ms Foundation For Women
  • Road Scholar


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