Hire Daniel Bobroff | Bella Entertainment

Hire Daniel Bobroff | Bella Entertainment

November 14, 2023

Founder of Coded Futures and formerly co-founder and Investment Director of ASOS Ventures, Daniel Bobroff is renowned worldwide for his speeches on retail technology and customer experience. In over two decades, as an innovator, entrepreneur, mento and investor, he has pioneered advertising in video games, developed chart topping video games that sold in their millions, and is today, a leading thought leader and keynote speaker in the world of retail and fashion technology.

Passionate about the digitalisation of retail and the changing customer experience, Daniel shares his knowledge and experience through his engaging and thought provoking speeches.

Current Keynote Presentations include: 

Time To Play – Gamifying Retail  – Everyone has played a part in how technology has disrupted and transformed the traditional world of retail but in the shadow of the Covid-19 pandemic, technology has emerged as retail’s saviour. As retailers work to accelerate their digital capability, a superpower exists that many are aware of, yet very few have truly mastered. It is the art of Gamification. 

This practical keynote delves into the latest thinking on how gamification is changing retail and reshaping organisations. Daniel explains how to use simple techniques for your customers today, and leverage gamification to improve your business, culture and bottom line. 

Game Changer – In this keynote, Daniel focuses on exploring the challenges faced by current retailers. He sets out a detailed roadmap that can be adopted by any CEO or senior executive to ensure that their organisation is in the best possible position to emerge from a period of immense change and establish itself as a leading force (or game changer) in today’s climate.

With its motivational approach, the Game Changer keynote is designed to inspire change and encourage tangible progress, in the belief that it is within everyone’s reach to be the game changer.

Is Shopping Fun Anymore –  In this keynote, Daniel explores and explains the learnings from thousands of disruptive retail technologies around the world, recent retail initiatives as well as the key learnings from a forerunner in creating digital experiences, the video game business.

“Is Shopping Fun Anymore?” will reframe your thinking about how and why emotion must be placed at the centre of your digital strategy, whilst providing you with the knowledge to make it possible.

The Retail Power of “We” – The keynote sets out a step-by-step guide that retailers can either adopt fully or use to assess their progress. The system draws upon internal and external best practices from thousands of competing brands. By using real-world examples, Daniel explores emerging trends and top tips for success.  

This keynote is designed to leave the audience inspired to take action and capitalise upon exciting periods of change.


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