Hire a Karaoke Booth – Immersive Event Entertainment

Hire a Karaoke Booth – Immersive Event Entertainment

November 8, 2023

Take Your Party to the Next Level with Our Karaoke Booth!

Are you ready to amp up your party experience? Look no further than our incredibly popular karaoke booth! It’s the ultimate interactive experience that will have guests of all ages hosting their own private karaoke party.

Imagine this: a fully enclosed and soundproof box placed anywhere in your venue, filled with over 40,000 songs. Your guests will be dancing and singing along all night long!

But wait, there’s more! Our karaoke booth also includes a photo booth. Your guests can capture unforgettable moments and shoot photos and videos that can be easily shared via email or text. It’s a fantastic way to create unique publicity for your event.

And the best part? The karaoke booth can be fully branded to your needs. Just imagine your logo shining bright on the booth, just like we did for clients like Spotify, Sky, Magnum, Nestle, Virgin, O2, and Jet2 Holidays. It’s a great way to make a lasting impression.

Don’t worry about location either. Our portable karaoke station is based in London but can be hired for product launches, weddings, conferences, and private or corporate events worldwide. No matter where you are, we’ll bring the karaoke fun to you!

Features Description
Interactive Experience Allows guests of all ages to host their own private karaoke party
Over 40,000 Songs Guests can dance and sing along to a wide selection of songs
Photo Booth Includes a photo booth for guests to shoot photos and videos
Branding Options Can be fully branded to meet your needs
Portable Based in London but available for events worldwide


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