Hire A Holiday Spectacular | Bella Entertainment

Hire A Holiday Spectacular | Bella Entertainment

November 10, 2023

Reasons To Book

Get ready to be dazzled by our Christmas Spectacular show! It’s not just your average holiday entertainment – it’s a full production of themed entertainment that will take your seasonal event to the next level.

Our Corporate Christmas entertainment offers a variable line-up of talented singers, dancers, and cirque performers. And if that’s not enough, we even have optional screen content available to enhance the experience.

Prepare for a night of pure immersion and entertainment. Our Christmas Spectacular can include both stage shows and ambient sets, ensuring there’s never a dull moment. You can enjoy full-length shows or be surprised by mini pop-up performances throughout the evening.

The performers in our show are not only incredibly talented, but they also look the part. Dressed in stunning festive costumes, they will not only impress you with their choreographed sets but also make for fantastic photo opportunities.

Worried about finding the perfect fit for your event? Don’t be! Our customizable show can be curated to suit any occasion. Whether you want a grand-scale production or just ambient sets, we have the Christmas show that will make your event unforgettable.

Aspect Description
Themed Entertainment A full production of themed entertainment for your seasonal holiday event
Variable Line-up Singers, dancers, and cirque performers with optional screen content available
Immersive Experience Full evening of immersive entertainment with stage shows and ambient sets
Festive Costumes Performers dressed in stunning festive costumes, perfect for photos and choreographed sets
Customizable Show Show can be curated to suit any event, from full-scale productions to ambient-only sets


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