Book James Hardy – eCommerce Speaker

Book James Hardy – eCommerce Speaker

November 14, 2023

Exciting⁣ Keynote Presentations

Unveiling the Future of eCommerce: Insights from Alibaba
Join⁣ James as he unravels the secrets behind Alibaba’s phenomenal success. Discover how this giant has managed to disrupt multiple industries at ⁣lightning⁢ speed, even those beyond its traditional core areas. This keynote‍ will shed light on Alibaba’s unique company structure, culture,‍ and business ​strategies that have propelled it to⁣ become a global powerhouse.

Business Ecosystems: The New Frontier
Get ready to ⁢dive into the‌ world of business ecosystems with James. He will illustrate their power and⁣ speed with examples from various industries. Learn‍ why these ecosystems are the future of business and how they tie ⁣into a unified business theory and operating⁢ model.

Alibaba: A Closer Look
Explore⁢ Alibaba’s innovative Consumer-to-Business (C2B) model, on-demand development, automated decision-making, and ⁤rapid feedback loops. James will delve into Alibaba’s concept of Smart Business and its implications for the role of emerging technologies in reshaping fundamental business concepts.

Alibaba vs Amazon: A Comparative Study
Join James as he contrasts the divergent strategies ‍of these two titans. While Amazon prioritizes its customers over suppliers and​ owns most of its capabilities, Alibaba nurtures all parties‍ within its⁤ ecosystem and has business partnerships in nearly all its operational‍ areas.‌ Drawing key insights​ from each, James ⁢will forecast their performance in head-to-head competition in markets like India.

  • Revolutionizing Retail through Digitalisation
  • Unleashing Creativity through Innovation
  • Mastering the Art of Marketing
  • Transforming Commerce with E-commerce
  • Expanding​ Horizons with Retail Globalisation


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