Book Butterfly Stilt Walkers – Walk Acts in Dubai

November 8, 2023

Why You Should Book With Us

Prepare to be amazed by our enchanting giant butterflies! These magnificent creatures bring a burst of color and excitement to any event. Not only will they captivate guests of all ages, but they’ll also create unforgettable photo opportunities that will keep the memories of your special day alive.

Get ready to look up in awe! Our vibrant stilt walkers stand tall above the crowds, commanding attention from everyone nearby. Their majestic presence will draw in onlookers from far and wide, making your event truly unforgettable.

Our roaming characters are the perfect way to welcome your guests. Whether they’re greeting visitors at the entrance, leading a grand parade, or distributing promotional materials for your brand, they’ll add an extra touch of excitement and engagement to your event.

We take pride in our entirely handcrafted costumes and our extensive experience in the entertainment sector. With over 10 years of creating visually stunning experiences, we guarantee that our performers will leave a lasting impression on your guests.

Located in the vibrant city of Dubai, we are the ideal choice for a wide range of events. From bustling malls to family-friendly festivals, private parties to corporate gatherings, we have the expertise and talent to make your event shine, both in the UAE and worldwide.

Aspect Description
Giant Butterflies Adds color and interactivity to events, provides memorable photo opportunities
Vibrant Stilt Walkers Tower over crowds, attract attention, create an unforgettable experience
Roaming Characters Greet guests, lead parades, distribute promotional materials
Handcrafted Costumes Entirely handmade costumes, visually fascinating experience
Based in Dubai Perfect choice for malls, festivals, parties, and corporate events in the UAE and worldwide


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