Book a Rock String Ensemble

November 8, 2023

Experience the Unforgettable: Rock String Ensemble

Prepare to be blown away as classical instruments collide with electrifying electronics, creating a musical fusion like no other.

Get ready for a performance that will leave you breathless. The Rock String Ensemble is renowned for their high energy and dynamic shows, guaranteeing an unforgettable experience for every audience member.

No matter the size of your event, we have the perfect ensemble for you. Choose from a solo to quartet with tracks, a 5 to 15 piece rock ensemble, or go all out with a full 30-75 piece symphonic configuration.

Our musicians are a league of their own, having shared the stage with legendary artists such as Kanye West, Transiberian Orchestra, Herbie Hancock, and Imogen Heap. You can trust that you’re in the hands of true professionals.

Brace yourself for a mind-blowing performance that combines the raw power of rock music with the elegance of classical strings. The Rock String Ensemble brings an edgy style to their shows, ensuring a unique and captivating experience for all.

Aspect Description
Genre Classical instruments infused with electronics
Performance High energy and dynamic
Ensemble Options Solo to quartet with tracks, 5 to 15 piece rock ensembles, or full 30-75 piece symphonic configurations
Experience Musicians have played with Kanye West, Transiberian Orchestra, Herbie Hancock, and Imogen Heap
Style Rock music with a classical twist, edgy performances


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