Book A Giant Carnival Queen Puppet

November 8, 2023

Reasons To Book

Are you ready to party? Our giant colourful carnival queen puppet is here to bring the fun and excitement to your event! She’s a real party girl who loves to dance and interact with everyone she meets. With her energetic act, she can be booked solo or alongside a six to 20-piece percussion band that will bring the beats and the party vibes to a whole new level.

Whether you’re hosting a festival or a themed event, our carnival queen puppet is the perfect addition. She’s family-friendly and can roam among the crowd, creating a great photo opportunity for everyone. And if you’re planning a night club or a music festival, she’s a popular choice that will get your guests grooving along to the music.

Our giant carnival queen puppet is based in Manchester, but she’s ready to travel worldwide to make your event unforgettable. From parades and themed events to parties and celebrations, she’s the life of the party wherever she goes.

Event Type Features
Festivals Family-friendly, great photo opportunity
Night Clubs Encourages guests to groove along
Parades Interacts with everyone she meets
Parties Can be booked solo or with a band


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